Monday, October 22, 2007

Odd Couple

We spent the weekend with Cindy's family, celebrating three birthdays: two nephews and her mom. Saturday evening we took a trip to the Indian Casino to mark the 21st birthday of one nephew. Imagine the scene, especially on a weekend: a gazillion slot machines flashing colorful lights and singing electronic cadences that signal near wins and encourage more play. The card tables are full, the buffet is overflowing with American and ethnic food, and a light cloud of cigarette smoke floats overhead. It's a high, high energy place.

I usually last about an hour on the slots, playing poker games beside Cindy who often coaches me while also playing her own game, e.g. she sees a possible flush or straight that I've failed to notice. It blows me away that she can click rapidly away on her own machine and still keep an eye on my game. She does the same thing when we play Bingo; she watches her 10 or so cards and mine at the same time, pointing to a B11 or G53 that I've missed.

When I tire of playing or lose the $40 that I've alloted myself, then I find a table in the coffee shop. I order a cup of tea and pull out a pile of books, magazines, and notebooks and settle in for a few hours of study while she continues to play, moving from machine to machine looking for the one that feels like a winner and will offer up that royal flush she hungers after. It's an odd date, I know, but one we've engaged in for 8 years. I've done some superior studying/writing in casinos, and she periodically finds that golden winner of a machine and takes home some extra cash.

We're the odd couple for sure.

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